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Flying Dream

I had a dream last night where I was flying at around 1,000 feet altitude. I was heading “north” over a large area of ice and water or maybe snow over land.


After passing this area the land turned green with trees dotting the landscape. To the left were rolling hills, with trees, and a large family farm. There was a very tall silo next to the farm house – a lot taller than one would normally be.


After some time I then turned right, landed, and started walking in a forest. There were many homes being constructed of wood. The trees were extremely tall and provided full shade, so it was somewhat dark. Up ahead I could see a familiar husband and wife couple that I know walking towards me. They waved hello. I waved back.


Jesus and the Bridge

Many years ago, when I was living in Yorktown, VA, and continuing sporadically with meditation, I had a very impressionable dream.

I became aware of myself walking towards the foot of a bridge. To my left were lots of trees – a large forest. Around the start of the bridge was a clearing. The bridge was perhaps 40-50 feet long and spanned across a river. The river ran right to left, and to the left it was bright. The bridge was made of old cobblestone, and arched over the river, with perhaps a one or two foot elevation, with sides raised about one foot. I felt very safe there.

Cobblestone Bridge

Cobblestone Bridge

When I made it to the start of the bridge I looked over and saw Jesus standing there watching me. He stood the same distance I was from the start of my end of the bridge. In this dream, it was known immediately to me that it was him. He was wearing tan robes, and had a medium brown beard, mustache, and hair below shoulder length. For some reason however, I was not able to look into his eyes, as the area where his eyes are was blurred to me.

Behind him was a forest just as behind me. To his right, and my left, stood a very tall circular tower, made of the same cobblestone as the bridge. The tower was perhaps 10-12 feet from Jesus, and one-half of the tower was over the water, and the other half on land. I don’t recall how high this tower was.


The Living Ship (Dream)

I was on some planet far from Earth, perhaps in another galaxy, that was being invaded by aliens from another planet. There was a young woman on this planet, with special powers, who was to be the savior of the world. Somehow she transported to a region of space near the planet.

There in space, existed some type of starship that was being grown, similar to the ship Moya (from Farscape).


However, this ship was a light peach color, glowed a white/peach color, and was oriented from right-left (opposite the image). It was in the midst of its construction process, but almost complete. I saw a portion of the ship was growing rapidly in a curved fashion around the aft section. The end of this curved portion was sparkly, and very similar to a bundle of fiber optics. However, it was a fairly large bunch, and this portion was curved similar to taffy. There were nebulae, stars, and other space features all around.

The Lion’s Paw

I had a very detailed dream where a large lion was lying down in front of me and held it’s large paw out and I was holding it.

The scene shifted to standing in a large area with the ground as very dark gray and a team of humanoid aliens wearing a variety of battle armor were standing in a line before me. They were there to help fight a battle. I wore a futuristic armored suit with an awesome looking helmet.