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Autumn in Virginia

Before I left Virginia in late 2007 I went on a walk around the Noland Trail and took some photos of the Autumn leaves.

The Noland Trail

The Noland Trail, Newport News, VA

I miss the change of seasons living in Texas. I will move north again somewhere eventually. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

Dragonfly in the Web

While I was working at my desk I saw something moving in the tree outside my window. On closer inspection I saw a dragonfly which appeared to be caught in a spider web – at least one strand of it. It was flailing all around.


I was hoping it would free itself. It finally broke free of the main web area but had one strand attached and was trying desperately to escape it, flying all around. I felt bad for it so I thought I would help by using an extension pole. I went out there and freed it and lowered it to the ground. It stayed there a while still jumping around so I didn’t know what else to do.

After I went back in the house I saw it out there still. After another 10 minutes or so it was gone. After another few minutes I was sitting at my desk and heard a bump on the window. It was the same sound I hear from the dragonflies at other times. Perhaps it was letting me know it was finally free.

I think dragonflies are my favorite insect.