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The Living Ship (Dream)

I was on some planet far from Earth, perhaps in another galaxy, that was being invaded by aliens from another planet. There was a young woman on this planet, with special powers, who was to be the savior of the world. Somehow she transported to a region of space near the planet.

There in space, existed some type of starship that was being grown, similar to the ship Moya (from Farscape).


However, this ship was a light peach color, glowed a white/peach color, and was oriented from right-left (opposite the image). It was in the midst of its construction process, but almost complete. I saw a portion of the ship was growing rapidly in a curved fashion around the aft section. The end of this curved portion was sparkly, and very similar to a bundle of fiber optics. However, it was a fairly large bunch, and this portion was curved similar to taffy. There were nebulae, stars, and other space features all around.

The Lion’s Paw

I had a very detailed dream where a large lion was lying down in front of me and held it’s large paw out and I was holding it.

The scene shifted to standing in a large area with the ground as very dark gray and a team of humanoid aliens wearing a variety of battle armor were standing in a line before me. They were there to help fight a battle. I wore a futuristic armored suit with an awesome looking helmet.

The Gas Cap

Seven years ago, when I was living in Virginia, I was driving home from work and at a stop light with lots of traffic around. I look to my left, and there is a large tan vehicle from the 70s with the gas door open and the gas cap sitting on the trunk. Traffic was stopped at a light and all I had to do was get out real quick and put the gas cap back on and I will have done what was called of me to do. I hesitated, and just long enough so that traffic started moving again and off the vehicle went. Missed opportunity. I was really angry at myself for not doing what I knew I should have done.

A few days ago I am at a gas station. In the stall just ahead of me is a woman gassing up her vehicle. I was still filling mine when she completed her process and put the handle back, got in her car, and was just about to drive away. She left her gas door open and the cap off – just like last time. This time I stepped over the gas hose while my vehicle was still filling up and yelled “Hey!”, pointing to her gas cap. She said “Oh, thank you!”.

Sometimes opportunities are never lost. You just need to be ready next time.

The Trinity

I had a dream last night where I was in a place where my dad was. For some reason he had buck teeth in this dream. My brother was there and my dad put his right arm around my brother and his left arm around me, pulling us close, and said “I love you both very very much, okay? Very very much.”

The scene shifted to the right and was cloudy through the transition. My mom was there and said “I love you” but I didn’t believe her because I had a lot of problems in this life with her. She got a very upset look on her face and waved swiftly to my brother for him to come forward and she put her right arm around him and I thought she would leave me behind but she waved swiftly to me to come forward and I did, and she put her left arm around me, and said “I love you both very very much, okay? Very very much.”

The scene shifted to the right and was cloudy through the transition. I found myself on an airline flight with my back to the window and I saw my nephew just inside the aisle of a three-seat row. He is about 18 months here, older now, but I don’t see him any more. He recognized me and walked towards me and sat next to me and smiled.